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About  Sato Law Office

Work out speedily and rationally

         -the law firm's philosophy

   The law firm has dealt with a lot of cases such as civil cases, labor problem, disputes about an inheritance and maritime matters since 1999 in which the firm established.  

   The firm is working hard, listening to my clients real voices, to find a rational solution which my client can agree with.  


Leading life in a society, you cannot avoid confronting with difficult situations such as traffic accident, dispute in a inheritance, real estates' trading or a divorce...

Since such problems are captured in extremely complicated legal system, you cannot get over them all by yourself.

That is the very time for the attorney to lead a helping hand to find the solution which you can agree with.
Moreover, The only lawyers can solve the case speedy and rationally who are well experienced , well trusted and intelligent. The firm has confidence to be one of them. 

We need every client who cannot speak Japanese to hire an interpreter-guide or accompany a person who can speak japanese for the purpose of securing of exact communication with clients.

News & Publications

2014/03/10   FB page of Sato Law Office were published

2014/03/10   This site was published on the web


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Sato Law office

B room 6th floor,Nishitenma daiji buillding, 2-8-5 Nishitenma, Kitaku, Osaka city, Japan  





Areas of Practice

Employment Laws​

Civil Laws

Company Laws​

Real Estates Transactions

Inheritance & Will

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