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Practical Areas

Following types of cases are our chief matters for deliberations. We also deal with many other different cases such as business succession, M&A, corporate realignment, debt collection and bankrupsy law. Please feel free to ask us about your court cases.
We always walk along close to you toward the best solution.
Employment Laws


Our firm offers clients HQ legal servises;analyze the ratest precedents and employment laws and then solve the disputes occured in our clients' offices such as sexual /power harasment, sudden personal changes, in addition, give legal advice of problems of laziness of employee which our clients being botherd by.

Real Estate Transactions


Our firm offers our clients proper and based on the ratest date legal advice of real estates transactions, lease or intermeditation businesses and real estates management. Moreover, our attorney acts as agent for lawsuits or arbitration.  



Civil Laws


Our firm aims solving the case promptly by giving our clients appropriate legal advice of daily disputes such as divorce, non fulfillment of sales contracts and defining the boundary.



Company Laws


Our firm chiefly give our clients' enterprises apppropriate legal advice of counterplans against  a general meeting of stock holders or solve the clients' dispute over competition for supremacy. We offers our clients such a broad renge of legal services .

Inheritance & Will
Our firm acts as the agent for drawing up a will,consultation, meditation, lawsuits over apportionment of estate.In addition, we act as the agent for the legal procedure of rejection of an inheritance.



Maritime Laws

Our firm has been dealt with the numerous cases of maritime ― a claim for dameges above the ocean, a marine accident inquiry and various maritime accidents ― for a long time and offers our clients' enterprises the high quality legal services.

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